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Find Success with Behavioral Weight Loss Therapy

Weight loss therapy has been effective in helping people to lose excess weight. It does so by helping people to make behavioral changes that support weight loss while providing positive support and encouragement for safe, healthy weight loss. People that experience chronic weight fluctuations, binging, yo-yo dieting, compulsive eating, food addiction, and emotional eating can […]

Fight US Obesity with Weight Loss Therapy

In the past twenty years, obesity has been on a continual up rise. According to the CDC over one, third of US, adults are obese and seventeen percent of children and adolescents are obese. Obesity is a concern for many reasons, which include the adverse effect on ones health, a reduced life expectancy, and increased […]

Conquer Food Addiction in Plantation, Florida with Therapy

Food addiction is a difficult battle that many people do not understand. It is like any other addiction, as it tests a person each day and it is a constant struggle to avoid temptation. Many people that suffer from food addiction do not know why they want to eat when they do or why they […]

Emotional Eating Radio Interview

  Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting. Understanding our strengths and weaknesses is the first step toward making meaningful changes. Take a free screening below to identify your areas of growth. Eating Disorders and Emotional Eating Test Diet and Weight Loss Test Emotional Eating Test Exercise IQ Test Fitness IQ Test Nutrition IQ Test Goal-Setting Skills […]

Lose Excess Weight with Therapy

Exercise and healthy food choices are a great way to lose body fat and help people achieve a healthy weight. However, these healthy habits may not be enough if binge eating or emotional eating is left unchanged. A person can still find it difficult to lose excess body fat even when they are consuming whole […]

Effective Weight Loss through Therapy

Some people have tried repeatedly to lose excess weight, but they cannot seem to reach their goals. There may be underlying factors that sabotage their weight loss efforts. Weight loss therapy may be the solution to effectively losing weight. Therapy enables a person to share thoughts, feelings, and concerns with their therapist. Their therapist listens […]

Achieve your Goals with Healthy Therapeutic Weight Loss

People that are seeking weight loss are faced with a million gimmicks, gadgets, and fad diets each day. This is no surprise in a society where the majority of adults are overweight or obese. The food and diet industry encourage weight problems and in turn become “fat” with profit the more we grow fat as […]

South Florida Weight Loss Therapy

Weight loss therapy is effective in helping people improve motivation, strengthen willpower, and increase their chances of achieving weight loss and wellness goals. Visit or call (954) 560-9567. (United States, Florida, Plantation)- Obesity has become a growing epidemic in America. Weight loss can be a difficult and frustrating process. Being overweight can affect the […]