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Seeking Aid from a Psychologist Can Save a Marriage

There are times in a marital relationship where communication barriers are present and the connections between spouses have grown apart. To rebuild the bond between partners and improve communication, couples can visit a Plantation psychologist to save the marriage. Couples counseling helps people learn to communicate with one another in a more positive and effective […]

Psychologist Plantation Florida

Couples face many challenges in their relationship. As two people join, they bring with them their own thoughts, opinions, and ways of doing things. A difference in opinion can occur when dealing with money, religion, parenting, etc. Couples that find themselves in an unsatisfactory relationship can learn how to better communicate and resolve conflict in […]

Individual Therapy

When a person finds themselves in a negative, “stuck” area of their life they hit a point that often leads them to seek help. Individual therapy or personal counseling can help patients who are suffering from suicidal thoughts, depression, addiction, anxiety, anger, past trauma and eating disorders. The Journal of Marital and Family Therapy conducted […]

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a highly effective method of addressing interpersonal issues and can be used to treat certain mental disorders (anxiety, depression, personality disorder, etc.) as well as personal issues ranging from relationship dysfunction, social skills and communication enhancement. With group therapy clients are able to interact freely with one another in group, they often […]

Parental Planning: Children and Divorce

Divorce can be a very stressful event and can cause a lot of emotional confusion. Family, group or individual therapy can help a child cope with the stress of parental separation and work through the multiple feelings that they themselves experience as a child of divorcing parents. Through communication with a therapist children are given […]

Couples Counseling South Florida

The goal of couples counseling is to help couples understand and resolve their conflicts and improve their communication skills in order to achieve more satisfying relationships.  Couples therapy may be sought during any phase of the relationship from pre-marital to dissolution. Couples often seek marriage counseling when nothing else seems to work and communication efforts fail. Couples […]