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Mindfulness Group Now Open

Mindfulness is about being intentionally grounded in the present moment, allowing yourself to manage one moment at a time, helping you place full attention to the here and now. Although the effects of mindfulness impact each person differently, for many, it allows them to address life stressors in a calmer, intentional way and improves their […]

Plantation Child Psychologist Provides Individual and Group Sessions for Youth

Children, adolescents, and adults can greatly benefit from therapy. Therapy can help a person to discover underlying factors that cause them to feel or behave in a specific way. Therapy can also help a person to change negative thoughts, feelings, and behavior for positive ones. Child therapy can help a young person who is dealing […]

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a highly effective method of addressing interpersonal issues and can be used to treat certain mental disorders (anxiety, depression, personality disorder, etc.) as well as personal issues ranging from relationship dysfunction, social skills and communication enhancement. With group therapy clients are able to interact freely with one another in group, they often […]

Group Therapy Adolescents

Adolescence is a time when a young person begins to transition from childhood to adulthood. They experience behavioral, biological, social and psychological changes during “puberty.” The body creates a surge of hormone production creating physical changes and emotional changes that can lead to conflict. Group Therapy for adolescents can offer face-to-face interaction with other adolescents […]