Find Success with Behavioral Weight Loss Therapy

Find Success with Behavioral Weight Loss Therapy

Weight loss therapy has been effective in helping people to lose excess weight. It does so by helping people to make behavioral changes that support weight loss while providing positive support and encouragement for safe, healthy weight loss. People that experience chronic weight fluctuations, binging, yo-yo dieting, compulsive eating, food addiction, and emotional eating can benefit from weight loss therapy. Dr. Lisa Saponaro is a licensed psychologist that provides professional weight loss therapy. She has many years of expertise in weight loss therapy and can help those ready to make the behavioral changes necessary to reach their weight loss goals.

Enjoy a Healthy Relationship with Food

Some people have a love hate relationship with food. They love to eat it food and it provides comfort when they feel anxious, depressed, or stressed. After eating certain foods or over indulging a person can then feel guilt and shame. Food is required for life. It provides us with the nutrition we need for everyday bodily functions. People can change problem behavior with food and enjoy a healthy food relationship with weight loss therapy. Dr. Saponaro listens to her clients weight loss and food concerns and goals in order to provide them with feedback and education on how to make positive change for weight loss.

Positive Change Equals Weight Loss

By making positive changes a person can begin to build healthy habits that will enable them to lose excess weight. People can break diet, binge cycles and other problem behavior in order to lose pounds and improve the way they feel about themselves. Weight loss therapy is a guilt free and safe method for weight loss. Therapy is provided in a safe, discreet environment that enables an individual to focus on themselves, change old habits, and make positive lifestyle changes that can help them cope with stress and pressure, while helping them to improve their health and self esteem. To inquire about weight loss therapy, please call (954) 560-9567.

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Understanding our strengths and weaknesses is the first step toward making meaningful changes. Take a free screening below to identify your areas of growth.

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