Conquer Food Addiction in Plantation, Florida with Therapy

Conquer Food Addiction in Plantation, Florida with Therapy

Food addiction is a difficult battle that many people do not understand. It is like any other addiction, as it tests a person each day and it is a constant struggle to avoid temptation. Many people that suffer from food addiction do not know why they want to eat when they do or why they eat what they do. Many food addicts consume food when they encounter stress, anger, sadness, or other emotions. Dr. Lisa Saponaro, PhD. provides therapy for weight loss in Plantation, Florida, as well as, food addiction. Dr. Saponaro understands weight loss frustration personally. She experienced her own weight loss battle. Her personal experience with weight loss combined with her professional training as a licensed psychologist, enables her to meet people where they are in their food addiction and help them understand why they behave and feel the way they do. She then teaches them how to change negative emotions, thoughts, and behavior for growth and personal goal achievement.

Use Therapy to Achieve Weight Loss in Plantation, Florida

Food and weight loss are intertwined. As human beings, we need food for survival, health, and every day bodily processes. When we eat food as a means of dealing with stressful situations or uncomfortable emotions, we create a negative relationship with food that hurts us emotionally and physically. Dr. Saponaro uses therapy to help her clients to see food as a positive and necessary part of life. She also helps them to learn coping skills and stress management techniques that help them avoid abusing food when triggers occur. When a person is able to eat food in a healthy way and make nutritious food choices they are better able to reach their weight loss goals. Therapy can help an individual to overcome food addiction and achieve weight loss in Plantation, Florida.

Therapy for Food Addiction in Plantation, Florida

Food addiction and obesity carries a stigma in society. People battling food addiction and excessive weight can feel embarrassed, ashamed, and defeated. Dr. Saponaro has the tools needed to gain control over these areas of concern. She educates, supports, encourages, and guides each client on his or her own personal journey towards self-discovery, healing, and happiness. Food addiction does not have to control your life. Take charge of your life, beat food addiction, and win the weight loss battle with therapy from Dr. Lisa Saponaro, PhD. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Saponaro, please call (954) 590-0501.

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