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Weight loss therapy is effective in helping people improve motivation, strengthen willpower, and increase their chances of achieving weight loss and wellness goals. Visit www.lsaponaro.com or call (954) 560-9567.

(United States, Florida, Plantation)- Obesity has become a growing epidemic in America. Weight loss can be a difficult and frustrating process. Being overweight can affect the way a person feels mentally, physically, and emotionally. Many people seek a diet or fitness equipment to help them lose weight. When these options do not provide the desired result, a person may feel hopeless, frustrated, or defeated. South Florida residents that are seeking help to lose weight can find support and guidance from Dr. Lisa Saponaro, PhD. She is a clinical psychologist that has practical knowledge regarding weight loss strategies including motivational counseling, goal setting, nutritional modification, exercise and behavior changes, as well as pre- and post- counseling for recipients of weight loss surgery. She provides weight loss therapy with experience treating compulsive eating disorders (“food addiction”). Dr. Saponaro is located in Plantation, Florida on South University Drive. She can help clients to increase motivation and strengthen will power while helping them to simultaneously reduce the number of “cheats” by applying the lasted research and strategies emerging in this field. Visit www.lsaponaro.com.

Weight Loss Therapy Plantation

Dr. Saponaro provides weight loss therapy for those interested in overcoming an unhealthy relationship with food and a cycle of binge eating. People overeat for a variety of reasons. They may be tired, stressed, depressed, or anxious. Dr. Saponaro helps clients to understand what triggers them to over indulge in foods and gain insight to their behavior patterns. This helps clients to know why they do what they do and work towards making positive changes in order to achieve their weight loss goals. She can also help clients to manage stress more effectively. Reducing stress helps to increase willpower and can help clients resist triggers. It helps structure their lives in a way that enhances the chances of success.

Weight Loss Therapist Plantation

Dr. Lisa Saponaro, PhD has solutions for how to recover from a problematic relationship with food. She works closely with each client to help him or her work through a safe and effective program that targets over all wellness. Dr. Saponaro helps her clients to develop a more positive self-image and higher self-esteem, as they gain better understanding of themselves and their choices. She provides support and guidance that helps people overcome weight loss obstacles and achieve realistic goals for safe and healthy weight loss. Dr. Saponaro provides weight loss therapy and counseling for problem eating from her Plantation practice. To schedule an appointment concerning weight loss in Plantation, visit www.lsaponaro.com or call (954)560-9567.

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