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Seeking Aid from a Psychologist Can Save a Marriage

There are times in a marital relationship where communication barriers are present and the connections between spouses have grown apart. To rebuild the bond between partners and improve communication, couples can visit a Plantation psychologist to save the marriage. Couples counseling helps people learn to communicate with one another in a more positive and effective manner. Dr. Lisa Saponaro, PhD is a marital therapist that guides couples through counseling methods in order to resolve conflict, reduce arguments, and build stronger communication skills that enable the couple to express their thoughts and feelings and increase overall closeness and intimacy.

Improve your Relationship with Therapy

Couples counseling or marriage therapy can help couples understand what triggers lead to arguments and barriers to intimacy in the relationship. Dr. Saponaro can also help couples to work through difficult areas of their relationship in order to reconnect and move forward as a couple with a closer relationship. Couples may work through problems related to infertility, infidelity, money, substance abuse, parenting, or other areas of concern with the support and guidance of Dr. Saponaro. She has over ten years of experience as a practicing clinical psychologist. In addition, not all couples seeking therapy wish to remain together. It is sometimes true that one or both partners are no longer willing to invest into the relationship further. Dr. Saponaro helps both partners clarify their commitment to the relationship and may even facilitate more amicable dissolutions when the parties agree their relationship will not work. She has helped couples make the vital decision to part ways and co-parent cooperatively when the relationship could not be mended.  She also was able to help many couples to resolve their differences and enjoy a healthier relationship.

Plantation Psychologist Provides Relationship Therapy

Dr. Lisa Saponaro, PhD provides relationship therapy from her Plantation, Florida practice. She provides pre-marital, marriage, and dissolution counseling, helping couples at any stage of their relationship find solutions for their situation. She is listed as a Plantation psychologist on Psychology and can be followed on Facebook and other social media sites (Digg, Foursquare, and Twitter at LisaSaponaroPhD). She is a compassionate and caring psychologist that can help couples improve their relationship with therapy. To request an appointment with Dr. Saponaro, visit or call (954) 560-9567.

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