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Lose Excess Weight with Therapy

Exercise and healthy food choices are a great way to lose body fat and help people achieve a healthy weight. However, these healthy habits may not be enough if binge eating or emotional eating is left unchanged. A person can still find it difficult to lose excess body fat even when they are consuming whole grains, lean meats, vegetables, and other healthy food choices. Over eating, is the main culprit for weight gain. Millions of people eat when they are angry, sad, and anxious, etc. Weight loss therapy can help people to achieve healthy weight loss goals by understanding what causes an individual to over eat or indulge in the types of foods that they do. By uncovering why a person uses food the way that they do, they can discover better ways to deal with stress; lives challenges, and lose excess body fat.

Change Self Defeating Patterns for Weight Loss

Pain, discomfort, and dissatisfaction are the main reasons why an individual will seek therapy. When a person is carrying excess body fat and weight, they often experience pain, illness, emotional distress, and frustration. Weight loss therapy can help a person to discover why they think, feel, and behave the way they do and how these thoughts and patterns of behavior have led to weight problems. They can also uncover roadblocks that are preventing them from making healthy changes and losing weight. Dr. Lisa Saponaro is a Plantation, Florida psychotherapist that specializes in individual therapy for weight loss. Dr. Lisa has experienced and overcome her own battle with weight loss. Her personal understanding and professional knowledge of therapy enable her to help clients to gain insight into their self and make the necessary positive changes to achieve healthy weight loss.

Access Personal Strength and Overcome Obstacles for Weight Loss

Dr. Lisa Saponaro believes that each person has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. She helps people to discover and strengthen personal abilities in order for an individual to change problem behaviors and deal with triggers in a healthy, positive manner. Dr. Saponaro provides weight loss therapy from her private practice in Plantation, Florida. She provides support and guidance to those interested in how to lose excess weight with therapy. She has experience helping people to overcome bad food habits. For those prepared to change negative patterns of thought and behavior in order to enjoy a healthy and more satisfying life, weight loss therapy may be the answer. To speak with Dr. Saponaro about weight loss therapy, please call (954) 560-9567.

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