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Effective Weight Loss through Therapy

Some people have tried repeatedly to lose excess weight, but they cannot seem to reach their goals. There may be underlying factors that sabotage their weight loss efforts. Weight loss therapy may be the solution to effectively losing weight. Therapy enables a person to share thoughts, feelings, and concerns with their therapist. Their therapist listens and responds with feedback that helps them to stop negative patterns of behavior and replace them with wellness strategies in order to achieve weight loss.

Strengthening Coping Skills

Stress is a powerful trigger for many people. How a person uses food and beverages or certain habits can be triggered by stress. A bad day at the office, heavy traffic, and household chaos can lead to over eating or poor food choices. Weight loss therapy can teach people how to handle stress in a more constructive way and avoid problem behavior. The key to effective weight loss through therapy is how it helps people to change their perspective, recognize challenges, and prepare to deal with future events in a healthy and positive way. Weight loss therapy can help a person to strengthen their coping skills, improve willpower skills, increase self-esteem, and provide support and encouragement.

Plantation Weight Loss Counseling

Dr. Lisa Saponaro of Plantation, Florida provides weight loss therapy/counseling from her private practice on south University Drive. She provides a comfortable, supportive environment where clients can build a trusting relationship in order to express concerns, set goals, and achieve healthy, effective weight loss. Dr. Saponaro has personal experience with weight loss, which enables her to understand the thoughts and feelings concerning weight loss on an intimate level. She is compassionate about weight loss concerns and uses her many years of experience as a licensed psychologist to help clients work through problems and find solutions for effective weight loss. To speak with Dr. Lisa Saponaro about weight loss therapy, please call (954) 577-0095.

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