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Child Psychologist Plantation

Children are similar to adults in that they experience stress, frustration, and disappointment. Recent studies suggest that parents underestimate the amount of stress in their children’s lives (APA Stress Survey: Children are more stressed than parents realize). The thoughts and feelings associated with life challenges may lead child to display social, emotional, behavioral problems. Some warning signs that your child may be having problems include: a drop in grades, school conduct referrals, social, withdrawal, moodiness, unrealistic worry and engagement in high risk behaviors such as alcohol with drug use. Parents who want to discover why your child acts out can seek answers from a caring child therapist, Lisa Saponaro, PhD. Dr. Saponaro is an expert in child behavior. She provides an understanding and supportive environment that enables a child to speak freely about his or her fears, feelings, and emotions and help you to discover the root causes of social, emotional, and behavioral problems and replace them with positive coping skills.

Plantation Child Psychologist

Dr. Lisa Saponaro, PhD is a Florida licensed child psychologist who specializes in family and child therapy. She builds a relationship with each client and gains insight into why an individual thinks and behaves the way they do. Once she discovers this she can help the client (child and parents) understand the root cause of the negative behavior and how to make behavior changes that will improve family communication and household balance. Children may act out because they are seeking attention, control, independence and approval, stressors, such as changes in family dynamics, grief and trauma can erode a person’s coping mechanisms and highlight the need for help.

Plantation Children's Counseling

Plantation child therapist, Dr. Lisa Saponaro, provides individual and family therapy. She can meet with family members together and separately in order to gain insight into family dynamics and communication styles. She can utilize the family’s strengths and help them work through problem areas. She can teach them how to build stronger bonds and positive communication skills. Children and families often lack the communication skills to properly express their thoughts and emotions. Dr. Saponaro can help them improve this area for personal growth and a return to peaceful and happy family relationships. To schedule therapy sessions for children with behavioral, social, or emotional problems, visit or call (954) 560-9567.

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