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Achieve your Goals with Healthy Therapeutic Weight Loss

People that are seeking weight loss are faced with a million gimmicks, gadgets, and fad diets each day. This is no surprise in a society where the majority of adults are overweight or obese. The food and diet industry encourage weight problems and in turn become “fat” with profit the more we grow fat as a nation. The concern with some weight loss techniques is the question of their safety and effectiveness. To lose weight in a healthy, safe, and effective manner people should consider healthy therapeutic weight loss. Weight loss therapy does not just provide support and encouragement towards weight loss goals, it also helps an individual to deal societal pressures and messages that sabotage weight loss goals.

Plantation Weight Loss Therapist

Dr. Lisa Saponaro is a licensed psychologist that provides weight loss therapy/counseling. She provides a supportive and confidential environment in her private Plantation practice. Dr. Saponaro listens to her clients concerns and feelings about their weight and health goals. She helps her clients to uncover underlying factors that lead them to have an unhealthy relationship with food and she teaches them how to transform this negative relationship into a positive one. Dr. Saponaro is available to assist those that are ready to make a commitment to changing their habits and thoughts for positive wellness oriented ones that will enable them to achieve healthy weight loss goals.

Smart, Healthy Weight Loss with Therapy

When a person prepares to lose weight, they should be able to make a commitment to themselves to take the time and effort necessary to change their lives for the better. They can uncover inner motivation by speaking with Dr. Saponaro. They can discover how to set healthy, safe, and realistic weight loss goals. Dr. Saponaro can help clients to be held accountable for their efforts and provide support and encouragement to overcome obstacles and succeed in their weight loss. Dr. Lisa Saponaro has fought and won her own battle with weight loss. She uses her own experience alongside of professional therapy knowledge and scientifically valid techniques to help clients lose excess pounds with a healthy therapeutic weight loss process. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Lisa Saponaro, please call (954) 560-9567.

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