March, 2012 | Therapist South Florida Psychologist Family Marriage Couples Counseling Dr. Lisa Saponaro

South Florida Weight Loss Therapy

Weight loss therapy is effective in helping people improve motivation, strengthen willpower, and increase their chances of achieving weight loss and wellness goals. Visit or call (954) 560-9567. (United States, Florida, Plantation)- Obesity has become a growing epidemic in America. Weight loss can be a difficult and frustrating process. Being overweight can affect the […]

Child Psychologist Plantation

Children are similar to adults in that they experience stress, frustration, and disappointment. Recent studies suggest that parents underestimate the amount of stress in their children’s lives (APA Stress Survey: Children are more stressed than parents realize). The thoughts and feelings associated with life challenges may lead child to display social, emotional, behavioral problems. Some […]

Seeking Aid from a Psychologist Can Save a Marriage

There are times in a marital relationship where communication barriers are present and the connections between spouses have grown apart. To rebuild the bond between partners and improve communication, couples can visit a Plantation psychologist to save the marriage. Couples counseling helps people learn to communicate with one another in a more positive and effective […]