Psychologist Plantation Florida

Psychologist Plantation Florida

Couples face many challenges in their relationship. As two people join, they bring with them their own thoughts, opinions, and ways of doing things. A difference in opinion can occur when dealing with money, religion, parenting, etc. Couples that find themselves in an unsatisfactory relationship can learn how to better communicate and resolve conflict in a peaceful, healthy manner with psychotherapy (talk therapy). Dr. Lisa Saponaro is a Plantation, Florida psychologist that provides marital counseling for those seeking solutions for improving their relationships.

Coping with Relationship Conflict

Couples can seek counseling at any level of the relationship. They can seek pre-marital counseling, marital counseling, or counseling for marital dissolution. Counseling is intended to help couples improve and maintain healthy, long-lasting relationships. In the event of separation, the goal is to help the couple part ways in a peaceful and respectful manner. Counseling can help both parties better understand and resolve conflict. Couples counseling Plantation can help improve relationships dealing with chronic arguing, anger, infidelity, divorce, substance abuse, finances, and other common concerns.

Coping with Relationship Changes

A relationship can become stressed due to changes, such as role changes, retirement, unemployment, illness, or other situations. Partners can feel separated, frustrated, or overwhelmed with a variety of emotions from these changes. Couples counseling can help both parties to understand one another and provide tools for improved communication and conflict resolution. Couples can learn how to be supportive to one another. This can help the couple to reconnect and grow in their relationship. Psychologist Plantation Florida, Dr. Saponaro serves couples in Plantation (33322, 33323, 33324, 33325), Sunrise, and Davie. To inquire about an appointment for couples counseling Plantation call (954) 560-9567 or send an email to  

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