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There are times in a person's life that one may experience the sudden loss of a loved one, find themselves struggling in a relationship, or battling addiction. These periods in life can cause depression, anxiety, and a ripple effect that not only effects the sufferer, but family, friends, and co-workers as well. Dr. Lisa Saponaro, PhD of Plantation Florida provides counseling, psychotherapy to help improve the personal mental health of her clients, or improve group relationships (family, couples,etc.). Visit

Professional Plantation Psychologist

Dr. Saponaro uses her professional knowledge and experience as a counseling psychologist to provide resolution for her clients concerns, while helping them to improve personal well-being. Her counseling methods and approaches are based on the needs of the client and the presenting problem. She provides healthy support and practical feedback to those willing to explore life patterns and look for new ways of achieving their goals. Dr. Saponaro specializes in individual, couples, and family psychotherapy. Visit

Plantation Psychologist Promotes Personal Growth & Wellness

Dr. Lisa Saponaro is a Florida licensed clinical psyhcologist who beleives that counseling can change lives, by increasing a client's self-esteem, improving their communication skills, and personal emotional control. Counseling has proven to be benficial and positive for many people, helping them to enjoy more satisfying lives. To speak with Dr. Lisa Saponaro, PhD; visit her online at or call (954)-560-9567. She maintains her private practice in her hometown of Plantation, Florida and is currnetly accepting new clients.  

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