Trauma Therapist South Florida

Trauma Therapist

Though Trauma disorders are most often associated with war and war is definitely traumatic, there are other events that can have the same effect on people. Verbal, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, being the victim of or witnessing a violent crime, responding to a horrific emergency call, natural disasters, and car accidents are some examples of traumatic events. These events can have an effect on the brain that is physiological. Trauma survivors often experience both intense emotions as well as physical manifestations. Some of these feelings can include feeling numb or shut-off, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, fear, rapid pulse, foggy headed, chest tightness and more.

Trauma Survivors

It is difficult to say exactly why one person is able to cope with tragedy and another struggles. It is not weakness but often a matter of support. Having a supportive network of friends and family who understand you when you are in a crisis and who come together to support one another can positively impact your ability to cope. Having a calm, naturally positive type of temperament is another factor that makes a person more resilient than others.

Trauma Treatment

For those suffering from the effects of a trauma, therapy can help. Trauma therapy can help clients to deal with the way trauma has changed their emotional responses and how these altered responses impact behavior. They can learn how to reduce the negative emotional and/or physical aspects of post-traumatic stress to provide more comfort. Clients also have the opportunity to discuss the trauma as well as allow themselves to fully grieve. Once grieving occurs, many people need to start the work of learning how to be a part of the world again. The pay off of this therapy is that people are no longer victims to the experiences that caused them to seek therapy. Those who have had positive experiences with trauma therapy attest the hard work is very much worth the outcome.

Trauma Therapist South Florida

Lisa Saponaro is a Florida licensed clinical psychologist with over 12 years experience as a mental health practitioner. Among her areas of expertise are: depression, anxiety, trauma resolution, substance abuse, parenting, family issues, child behavior and emotional problems, GLBT issues, career development, ADHD, and diagnostics and testing. Dr. Saponaro utilizes techniques that have been proven to be effective with specific issues. She incorporates a blend of conventional and alternative approaches, drawing upon a variety of styles and techniques to provide what will be most helpful for each client.

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