Teen Suicide Prevention and Counseling

Teen Suicide Prevention

Alarming studies from the National Institute of Mental Health suggest that as many as 25 suicides are attempted for each one that is completed. That means that for every teen suicide that you hear of, there are probably at least 25 suicide attempts made. Now consider the teenage suicide attempts and completed suicides that are never heard about.

The High Rate of Teen Suicide

It is difficult to understand exactly why teen suicide is so high but the most likely causes of teen suicide carry risk factors that should be taken seriously. These risks may include aggression, disruptive behavior, substance abuse and depression. These risk factors often play on the tumultuous feelings experienced by teenagers. Intense feelings can contribute to a teen’s sense of helplessness and to a general feeling that life is not worth living

Teen Suicide Warnings

It is important to take the warning signs of teen suicide seriously and to seek help if you think that you know a teenager who might be suicidal.

Here are some of the things to look for:

  • Disinterest in favorite extracurricular activities
  • Problems at work and losing interest in a job
  • Substance abuse, including alcohol and drug (illegal and legal drugs) use
  • Behavioral problems
  • Withdrawing from family and friends
  • Sleep changes
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Begins to neglect hygiene and other matters of personal appearance
  • Emotional distress brings on physical complaints (aches, fatigues, migraines)
  • Hard time concentrating and paying attention
  • Declining grades in school
  • Loss of interest in schoolwork
  • Risk taking behaviors
  • Complains more frequently of boredom
  • Does not respond as before to praise

Teen suicide prevention

Support is key to teen suicide prevention. Teens need to know that you support and love them, and that you are willing to help him or her find hope in life again. One of the most effective ways to prevent teen suicide is to recognize the signs of suicidal thoughts and feelings, and seek professional help. Some of the most effective teen suicide prevention programs consist of identifying and treating mental and learning disorders, substance abuse problems, problems dealing with stress and behavioral problems (uncontrollable aggression and impulses).  Through suicide counseling teens can find the hope that they need to continue towards a brighter future. Dr. Lisa Saponaro offers suicide counseling in Plantation Florida 33324.

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