Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing is an evaluation used to to assess underlying psychological functioning such as cognitive and emotional functioning that may be useful in understanding a variety of mental health diagnoses. Psychological Testing consists of a number of prescribed tasks performed by an individual which are compared to a statistical table that allows the evaluator to compare behavior of the individual being tested to that of a norm group. Psychological testing can help to find giftedness or increased cognitive ability, it is useful in diagnosing learning disabilities as well as  understanding underlying factors contributing to problems in personal relationships, work and social environments. This enables psychologists to make appropriate treatment recommendations for the improvement of the patients mental health and personal well being.

There are multiple areas of psychological testing services that can be beneficial in a mental health diagnostics testing for cognitive ability and IQ, psychoeducational testing, ADHD diagnosis, Autism diagnosis, Asperger’s and other pervasive developmental disorders, social and emotional well being, personality testing, parenting ability  and career readiness.  These tests can assist in a proper diagnosis and suitable treatment method prescription that can improve a person’s mental health and well-being allowing them the opportunity to make personal alterations to improve their lives in areas of education, work, social and self.

Many people look to psychological testing when something negative occurs. Children who are highly intellectual may begin to find themselves in a class that is not challenging enough creating boredom and misbehavior. This is similar to children who have learning disabilities such as a child that is dyslexic who may choose not to do homework because of the frustration. ADHD  can be found in both children and adults causing thought disruptions and lack of focus. Through psychological testing these areas can be diagnosed and guided help can be recommended in order to better address the concern that is creating disatisfaction in one’s life.

Psychological testing allows a person to recognize what the key problem is for their troubles and how to correct behavior or repetitive patterns removing the distress and creating mental health improvement and self healing. For psychological testing in Broward County, Plantation and South Florida visit

Dr. Lisa Saponaro specializes in individual, couples and family psychotherapy as well as psychological testing offering these services from her private practice in Plantation Florida.

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