Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a highly effective method of addressing interpersonal issues and can be used to treat certain mental disorders (anxiety, depression, personality disorder, etc.) as well as personal issues ranging from relationship dysfunction, social skills and communication enhancement. With group therapy clients are able to interact freely with one another in group, they often recreate the difficulties that brought them to therapy in the first place. Group therapy offers trust and support to assist the individual in further growth and problem solving.

How Group Therapy Helps

Group therapy provides the unique opportunity to both observe and reflect on personal and interpersonal skills. There are opportunities to give and receive instant feedback in an interpersonal context that more accurately reflects real life. Group therapy offers support, alternative perspectives, or gentle confrontation to clients.  Through this process, people develop new and more effective ways of relating with one another. Further benefits of group therapy may include the increase of hope, outlook, interpersonal training and conflict resolution.

Patients Participate For Successful Results

Dr. Saponaro has been running therapy groups since 1997 and participants regularly report “gaining a new perspective” as one of the most beneficial aspects of the group process. Group Members learn through active participation as well as observation.  They gain trust with one another during sessions. Therapy aids clients in giving them better control over their emotions and behavior for mental health improvement and balanced living. Though it can seem difficult to open up at first, clients soon find themselves becoming more open and sharing their own thoughts, opinions and feelings with other group members. Realizing that you are not alone and that there are others who share your experiences is one of the qualities that makes group therapy so successful. By taking part in discussions, clients learn from others and begin to gain knowledge of alternative methods for communication with family, friends and co-workers. The support from other group members can also help to increase a client’s self esteem which can be extremely helpful in personal growth.

Therapist Dr. Lisa Saponaro

Dr. Saponaro is a practical, interactive, evidence-based therapist. She uses a treatment approach that provides support and practical feedback to help her clients resolve current problems and long-standing patterns. Dr. Saponaro utilizes techniques that have been proven to be effective with specific issues. Dr. Saponaro has extensive experience in helping clients meet personal goals through her specializations in individual, couples and family psychotherapy and psychological testing. She maintains a private practice in her home town of Plantation, Florida.

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