Group Therapy Adolescents

Group Therapy Adolescents

Adolescence is a time when a young person begins to transition from childhood to adulthood. They experience behavioral, biological, social and psychological changes during “puberty.” The body creates a surge of hormone production creating physical changes and emotional changes that can lead to conflict. Group Therapy for adolescents can offer face-to-face interaction with other adolescents who talk with a therapist about issues or troubles. Group therapy offers instant feedback, with each person in the group expressing their own feelings, providing open social interaction. Within group therapy, any thoughts or feelings expressed/discussed are not mentioned outside of group sessions. This is part of the establishment of trust built through talking about personal thoughts, through honesty and commitment to the treatment.

Group therapy requires active participation and commitment. Clients can give and get immediate feed back about concerns, or issues that affect one’s life. Each client works through personal issues in a supportive, confidential atmosphere while also helping others. Difficult situations or occurrences can be recreated in order to give support and offer alternatives or even provide gentle confrontation. Clients learn how to resolve conflicts with alternative behaviors, new social techniques or methods to better relate to people. Through discussion adolescents learn that they are not alone and that multiple people experience or feel similar.

Group therapy is based on trust. It is the building of trust through conversation that allows people to open up their minds in order to work through personal conflict and reach resolution for personal growth and improved mental health. Group therapy can consist of strangers meeting for the first time in-group sessions or as a family group. This can allow for family members to discuss and learn communication skills without feeling shy, embarrassed or threatened. The therapist acts as a neutral mediator to help family members learn and listen to one another for conflict resolution. Group therapy enables people to trust one another and to feel free to care about others and help each other in a safe environment. Dr. Lisa Saponaro offers Group therapy sessions in South Florida, Broward County and Plantation. Dr. Saponaro understands that through discussion emotional wounds can be healed, confidence can be built and mental health can be improved.

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