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Lisa Saponaro, Ph.D. Psychologist South Florida

Dr. Lisa Saponaro is a mental health professional who applies psychological research, theories and techniques to "real-world" problems, concerns and issues for couples, families and individuals. She is a mental health care provider that works with her clientele in order to achieve personal growth and wellness.

Dr. Saponaro understands that each person carries his or her own circumstances, backgrounds, and experiences. This is why she meets the needs of each client through counseling methods and approaches that are a good fit with the client and presenting problem. As a mental health practitioner she works to determine a plan of treatment that is most effective for the individual and the specific presenting issue. Dr. Saponaro is well versed in a variety of counseling theories and techniques and is able to draw from this expertise along with client preferences to select a treatment program tailored to the individuals needs. She utilizes evidence-based approaches and maintains awareness of new developments in psychology in an effort to best serve her clients and be most effective as a means to provide resolution and improve personal well being.

Dr. Saponaro believes that through methods such as improved communication, family strengthening, relationship building and behavior change, individuals can break through barriers to resolve personal and family conflicts to go on to lead healthier, happier lives. Dr. Saponaro’s Plantation, Florida office is centrally located to service clients from Plantation, Weston, Davie, Sunrise, Pembroke Pines as well as Dade and Palm Beach County. She will use her own academic knowledge of psychology to help couples, families and individuals to better understand and therefore resolve concerns and conflicts leading to healthier minds and balanced living.

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