Couples Counseling and Therapy

Couples Counseling South Florida

The goal of couples counseling is to help couples understand and resolve their conflicts and improve their communication skills in order to achieve more satisfying relationships.  Couples therapy may be sought during any phase of the relationship from pre-marital to dissolution. Couples often seek marriage counseling when nothing else seems to work and communication efforts fail. Couples counseling can be sought as a precautionary measure (e.g., couples preparing to wed), for couples who find it difficult to communicate, argue frequently or are contemplating divorce.

Couples Counseling For Improved Communication

Couples counseling or marriage therapy allows for the couple to communicate in new ways that can remove the aggression or pressure often felt during discussions about children, money or other continual concerns. Marriage counseling can also help couples work through trust issues, regain intimacy, better communicate, build honesty and reach forgiveness and reconnection. Saving a marriage or relationship takes effort on the part of both spouses. Couples can find solutions and attain goals through exercises, discussion and other methods offered by their therapist. They build comfort in order to share and work through their problems. It is a matter of conflict resolution through mutual respect, collaboration, cooperation, and commitment.

Conflict Resolution With Couples Counseling

Couples counseling offers methods that can assist couples in bettering communication skills in order to improve their relationship and learn new improved methods for conflict resolution. Thoughts, feelings, behaviors and interactions are discussed, shared and brought to the forefront of awareness. This insight often enables couples to better understand their partner. This does not mean that they will always agree but they can learn skills to communicate without a negative outcome for a happier healthier relationship. Dr. Lisa Saponaro PhD offers twelve years of experience and specializes in couples counseling in South Florida, West Broward and Plantation. She uses a variety of techniques to help couples meet their goals for relationship improvement and a stronger connection by building on their strengths and finding a common ground.

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