Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent Therapy

The transition from childhood to adulthood is a time that can create a stir of emotions and conflict within a family. Sometimes those who know us the best can hurt us the most.  This change puberty/adolescence) can cause families to find themselves on the battlefield of conflict every day. Troubled teens experiencing depression and bewildered parents both find themselves lost and hurting and in dire need of help. Adolescent therapy can help both parents and teens during this part of life. Teenagers are experiencing peer pressure, self-esteem issues, sexuality, bodily changes, and feelings of emotion that they do not understand at times. Parents feel their teens pushing away, growing up too fast or feel a drift and loss of connection. When families lose their way and find that they are dealing with connection barriers adolescent therapy can help.

Adolescent therapy can be offered in-group sessions where the family members or other adolescents meet together face to face with the therapist and discuss the issues and concerns at hand or through individual sessions that are one on one private discussions between a single person and the therapist. Either method of adolescent therapy can be beneficial. Clients are able to freely discuss their thoughts, feelings and concerns in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Finding the right therapy session is both a matter of personal preference, comfort and support of the therapist that provides counseling theories and techniques that lead to personal growth and wellness. After assessment the therapist may recommend one session technique over another if they see that the benefits of one theory outweigh another.

Adolescent therapy is simply a tool that enables adolescents to nurture their relationships with friends and family, change negative behaviors and work towards the development of self-understanding and personal growth. Family conflict can be resolved through adolescent therapy as well as family counseling. This can be in the form of an intervention for a teen who has a substance abuse problem, support for a loved one who has experienced trauma (Rape, Divorce, Death, etc.). Each client brings his or her own interpersonal conflict, values, ethics and opinions to adolescent therapy. It is the support that is shared through the therapist that can rebuild relationships and reach set goals for health and happiness. Dr. Lisa Saponaro of Plantation Florida offers group therapy and specializes in individual, couples and family therapy. She offers a variety of tools to help clients reach balanced living and experience personal growth.

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