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Anxiety Therapy

A study that was done by the Anxiety Disorder Resource Center found that approximately one-third of American adults have at least one anxiety or panic attack in their lifetimes.  This startling data means that an anxiety disorder is the most common emotional disorder and is more common than alcohol abuse or depression.  Anxiety is the unpleasant […]

Therapy for Substance Abuse

Substance abuse often starts out as experimentation. Friends may suggest it be tried or they state that the substance has relieved their own discomfort and may help. Drugs are most often used to escape from mental or physical discomforts providing a short-term fix with long-term consequences. Take the drug away and the problem is still […]

Personality Testing

Personality testing can identify specific characteristics that can be useful when making diagnoses, understanding underlying factors contributing to problems, and making appropriate treatment recommendations.  Personality testing can also identify personality as a whole and is sometimes used by employers to determine appropriateness for certain type of jobs, and by courts when determining ability to parent […]

Divorce Counseling For Children

Approximately one out of every two marriages today ends in divorce and a large portion of these families include children. Divorce can be traumatic to children creating intense emotions that cause conflicted feelings towards each of the parents. Children can feel fearful, confused, insecure, vulnerable, depressed, angry and overwhelmed. Children may act out by getting […]

Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is often misunderstood by those who have no affiliation with this mood disorder; however for those living with Bipolar Disorder it is a daily conflict with extreme mood swings that can range from a euphoric high to a painfully low feeling of emotion. Many people confuse Bipolar Disorder with Depression. Those suffering from […]

Lisa Saponaro, Ph.D. Psychologist South Florida

Dr. Lisa Saponaro is a mental health professional who applies psychological research, theories and techniques to “real-world” problems, concerns and issues for couples, families and individuals. She is a mental health care provider that works with her clientele in order to achieve personal growth and wellness. Dr. Saponaro understands that each person carries his or […]

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a highly effective method of addressing interpersonal issues and can be used to treat certain mental disorders (anxiety, depression, personality disorder, etc.) as well as personal issues ranging from relationship dysfunction, social skills and communication enhancement. With group therapy clients are able to interact freely with one another in group, they often […]

Depression Psychologist

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defines a depressed person as experiencing feelings of sadness, helplessness and hopelessness. The exact numbers of people who have severe depression are not known but estimates indicate that about 12 million adults in the US have depression. Depression cuts across all barriers and affects all races, cultures […]

ADHD Counseling

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurobehavioral, developmental disorder that consists of attention problems and hyperactivity. ADHD is the most commonly studied and diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children. According to the National Institute of Mental Health two million have ADHD.  This means that in a typical classroom at least one child has ADHD. […]

Trauma Therapist

Though Trauma disorders are most often associated with war and war is definitely traumatic, there are other events that can have the same effect on people. Verbal, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, being the victim of or witnessing a violent crime, responding to a horrific emergency call, natural disasters, and car accidents are some examples […]

Teen Suicide Prevention

Alarming studies from the National Institute of Mental Health suggest that as many as 25 suicides are attempted for each one that is completed. That means that for every teen suicide that you hear of, there are probably at least 25 suicide attempts made. Now consider the teenage suicide attempts and completed suicides that are […]

Parental Planning: Children and Divorce

Divorce can be a very stressful event and can cause a lot of emotional confusion. Family, group or individual therapy can help a child cope with the stress of parental separation and work through the multiple feelings that they themselves experience as a child of divorcing parents. Through communication with a therapist children are given […]

Group Therapy Adolescents

Adolescence is a time when a young person begins to transition from childhood to adulthood. They experience behavioral, biological, social and psychological changes during “puberty.” The body creates a surge of hormone production creating physical changes and emotional changes that can lead to conflict. Group Therapy for adolescents can offer face-to-face interaction with other adolescents […]

Eating Disorder Treatment

A survey by SELF magazine in partnership with the University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill showed that sixty-five percent of American women between the ages of 25 and 45 have an eating disorder and experience some unhealthy thoughts, feelings or behaviors related to food or their bodies. An eating disorder is categorized as any […]

Couples Counseling South Florida

The goal of couples counseling is to help couples understand and resolve their conflicts and improve their communication skills in order to achieve more satisfying relationships.  Couples therapy may be sought during any phase of the relationship from pre-marital to dissolution. Couples often seek marriage counseling when nothing else seems to work and communication efforts fail. Couples […]